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Directory of Dating - Dating Site Reviews and Information

Directory of Dating is an internet dating directory that provides ratings and reviews of the most popular dating sites. Directory of Dating provides an unbiased accurate rating of online dating sites. Dating services that have a rating between 3 and 5 stars are generally sage to join. Dating websites below 3 stars should be avoided. The majority of dating sites provide a free dating trial. This will allow you to try to site for free before making a decision to join.
We welcome you to send us your experiences with the dating services that we review in this directory. We use visitor feedback to help make our dating site ratings as accurate as possible.
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Want to be with hot and horny singles who are looking for sex? If you are looking for some sexy time with sexy singles located near you, then you should join Bang Match is one of the fastest growing adult dating communities online that lets you get in touch with your inner animal instincts.

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pixel.gif is a website designed at matching mail order brides and ladies from Russia and the Ukraine with their perfect potential love interest or husband. offers a personal approach to its members, by offering a translation service in order to ensure successful connections between the members no matter what language is being spoken. It also observes the development in members relationships and can be contacted at any point should an issue arise.

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Adult Friend Finder is a widely known online adult dating website. In fact, it claims to be “The worlds largest sex dating site and swinger personals community”. The site claims to have over thirty million members and offers “Real people, real sex”. The home page on Adult Friend Finder has many pictures of partially nude singles and has many options to begin your dating experience.

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Adult Date Link is your gateway in finding romance, sex, and dating with other adult swingers like you. If you wanted to experience the finer things in life without putting much effort in meeting like-minded adults, you can join Adult Date Link for free. All you need to do is complete the sign up page which requires your email address, desired username, password, birthday, location, and the kind of relationship you’re looking for. You can join as an individual or as a couple if you have a partner.

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Featured Online Dating Services Review Procedure Explained
Below are our most popular dating sites.
All dating services listed on this site receive a rating between 1 and 5. We explain this rating system below. In general, any site that has a rating of 3 or higher is a great site and we recommend it.
5 Star Dating Sites - Sites with 5 stars come with our highest recommendations. We give a site 5 stars when we have either personally been in contact with the site owners or we have had excellent feed back by users. These sites also generally have many features.
4 Star Dating Sites - These sites are also highly recommended but we have not had the same amount of feedback as 5 star. These are still excellent sites and are highly recommended. They may not have as many features as 5 star but they should be on your list to try.
3 Star Dating Sites - These sites are also highly recommended. We have given them 3 stars because although we have information to believe that they are reputable sites, we don't have same quantity and quality of information as we do for the higher rated sites.
2 Star Dating Sites - These are sites that we have not personally reviewed and have not had received any information about. It does not mean they are not good. We give them 2 stars because they appear to be good sites but we don't have any info to back this up. So you need to make your own decision about these sites. Once we have more feedback we can rate these sites accordingly.
1 Star Dating Sites - We have not reviewed these sites nor have we received any information about 1 star sites. We include them because they fit the particular category. But we can't recommend them at this time.
0 Star Sites - Zero star sites are dating services that we have received negative information about. If we receive what we deem to be too many negative comments then we will either give the site a zero star rating or remove it completely from this site.

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