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Online Dating Profile: Questions - Answers - Photos

As far as you can, answer every question in the online dating profile. It's okay to choose an option that says something like 'I'll tell you later' or words to that effect, but don't leave anything blank. If you feel you absolutely must leave a question blank, try to explain why in one of the sections where you get to explain who you are and what you're like.

People are going to be okay with it if they can see you have a reason, but just leaving a question blank with no explanation looks secretive, even if that isn't your intention.

The more open-ended questions are trickier to answer. These tend to be near the end of the profile process, and to be questions such as: 'tell us a little about yourself', 'what do you like to do with your partner' and 'what sort of person are you looking for?'. Most of these questions will not provide options to choose from, but instead leave a blank space for you to fill in.

They're not always easy questions to answer, especially not when you're put on the spot about them. If you're feeling the pressure, it may be worth making a note of what questions your dating service asks, and going away and thinking about them for a day or two before you reply to them. You might find it helps to think of it as being like an interview of sorts. Pretend that someone else is asking you questions about your life, live on national TV or with their dictaphone and notepad at hand. Watch a few shows or read a few magazines to get some idea of the kinds of basic questions, and try answering them for yourself. Once you've got a fair number of them - a half dozen is probably enough, though more is better - you can try putting them together into a coherent paragraph or two.

More than anywhere else in your profile, these answers are the ones that test your ability to communicate. But they're also the ones that give you the biggest chance to show who you are and what you're made of. Don't let a fear of making a bad impression blind you to the opportunity to make a good one.

No matter how cool you think it is, it's better to stick to plain and simple language in your profile. Keep the linguistic peculiarities to a minimum. Save them for later on, when you're actually in conversation with the person, and you can explain it to them if they don't get it at first. If you feel that you absolutely must show off your literary stylings, go right ahead - but try to keep the language straightforward. Leave the slang terms and the impressive big words out of it. When someone who's browsing your profile feels like they need a translator to make sense of it, they're going to put it in the too hard pile, and probably never come back to it. It should go without saying, but make sure your spelling (and grammar too, if you can manage it) is correct.

This can be a tricky one on the face of it, but it's fairly simple: the way you describe yourself should reflect what you're looking for. If you're looking for sex, write a description that dwells on your physical characteristics and friendliness. If you're looking for friends, emphasize the things you want to talk about or do with them and the things that make you a fun person to be around. And if you're looking for a committed relationship, concentrate on your personal qualities, the things you feel you contribute to your friendships and relationships.

The one thing you should avoid is sounding too full of yourself. For most people, boasting is a major turn-off. This is a bit of a Catch-22, because you do need to sound confident in yourself. If you're not sure how it sounds, just settle for being honest about your accomplishments and talents. Of course, your honesty may sound like a boast to someone else - everyone has different ideas about what constitutes bragging and what's justified pride in oneself. The easiest way to check if you sound too boastful is to get a friend, or two, or three, to read over what you've got. If that can't be done, try to imagine that you're reading someone else's profile, not your own. How do you react to it then?

Always, always, always include a picture of yourself. This is vital. Indeed, some sites actually offer the option of searching only those profiles that have photos, which should be all you need to know about how great a disadvantage no photo can he. Even on the ones that don't, a profile without a picture will generate far fewer responses.

There's any number of reasons for this, but the most urgent of them is simply that if you don't include a picture, it will he assumed by most other users that you're trying to hide something, most likely an unattractive face. It's true that you can't judge a book by its cover, but that never stopped anyone from trying. And if you don't even have a cover, so to speak, the judgment's far more likely to go against you.

Ideally, the picture you choose should be reasonably flattering, but not obviously posed. You don't have to look like a movie star or a supermodel. You just need to look like you. If you're looking for love, then you're looking for someone who's going to look past your surface anyway, right?

If you're looking for friends, your appearance becomes less important. Of course, if you're just looking for sex, appearance is crucial.

Don't worry too much if you'll never be in some dumb magazine's list of the hundred sexiest people. There are six billion other people on the planet in the same boat as you - and there's nothing like love for making you look sexier, cooler and more attractive. So don't sweat your looks. Just be you.

The picture should be recent, because they're going to be meeting you as you are now - don't use an old school photo. And if you've changed your hair colour or length, or got some new piercings or tattoos, the get a new photo taken, one that shows off your new appearance and the work you've put into it. Put some thought into what you want your image to project, but don't over-think it.

Dress and groom yourself as you would on a regular day, or for a regular date, but don't go overboard. If your system allows for more than one picture, try not to use a selection of shots all taken at the same time - go for variety and spice it up a little. Ideally, you should be smiling or at least looking happy in these photos.

It should be neither too dark, making you hard to see, or too light, making you look more pale or more shallow than you actually are. Finally, when choosing a photo, try to make sure it just has you in it.

Maybe your pet as well, but that's about it. That way, you'll be spared having to say 'I'm the one on the left' to everyone who contacts you. If you must use a photo that has someone in it, under no circumstances should it also have your ex in it.

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